Plastic Sign Fabrication and Polishing

For a more sophisticated finish on acrylic letters or components, flame polishing produces a clear, glass-like edge and also removes hazardous sharp edges. All acrylic panels or letters can polished on request.


Straight Edges 

For straight edges on materials up to 25mm, we can diamond polish to produce an optically transparent and smooth edge for your plaques and signs.

We also offer bending and fabrication services.....from one panel to full production runs.

Call William on 01-4601760 in our production department to see how we can help you.


Help you with your creativity

Let us help you to turn your creative ideas into something unique and special for your client.


Fabrication services include

    • Plastic Folding
    • Polishing
    • Drilling
    • Glueing
    • Routing
    • Cutting
    • Screen Printing

      We also provide bespoke services that we can customize for production runs or even single items.



      High quality acrylic signs

      Here is a high quality acrylic sign created by our client Apt Signs.

      Apt signs designed and manufactured the acrylic plaque for their client which was CNC routed at Magco and then branded by Apt Signs using our high quality vinyl and Grafitack TR101 Sandblast Film.


      Magco only fabricate for the Sign and Display trades.

      We will never go direct to your end user client.

      Call William on 01-4601760 to discuss how we can help you with your next project.